Oh the little things…

I love love love all the little things in life.  The small joys, triumphs, moments, and memories that keep us fulfilled.  I believe that some people spend their lives chasing after that perfect big house, expensive car, designer labels, and never notice most of the little wonders in life.  My happiness isn’t measured by the big grand events or objects alone.  The often overlooked little bits add up to far more than the huge things that can be seen.  Growing up I had it all, but learned that it means nothing without good friends, a loving family, and being able to enjoy what you do have. 

Today was one of those days filled with little things that made me smile and filled my heart with joy.  The kids and I sat and watched kite surfers and sailboats on the lake with the wind blowing through our hair trying to predict the jumps and turns, curiousities peaked by the wonder before us.  We could have sat there til sunset if we hadn’t had commitments with Cub Scouts and sports.  Yet other passers by didn’t notice the wonder before us all  or did notice but couldn’t spare a second glance.

Afternoon kite surfing ballet.


It reminded me of sitting with the family exploring the contents of a lightning whelk egg case for an afternoon.  We were intrigued by the tiny lightning whelks taking turns with a magnifying glass and tweezers.  Such little shells barely more than grains of sand kept us busy and curious for hours realizing that most people walk right by them and never consider taking a moment to take that second glance.

Tiny lightning whelks through the magnifying glass...


I hugged and kissed the kiddos before bed and tucked them in.  Then repeated the process when they got out of bed for drinks, to tell their father and I something, and even the “you forgot to kiss me goodnight” excuses…  Forget the sending them quickly back to bed tonight.  They might just be enjoying those little things this evening almost as much as I do.

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Puddle Duck Racers, Geocaching, and Shells Oh My!

The kiddos and I spent the weekend on a sailing adventure with homemade boats and their owners from Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Iowa, and Louisiana.  We were there to watch the Puddle Duck Racers set sail and race across the lake!  They sure look like a lot of fun!

All the puddle ducks in a row...


Our family loves geocaching.  With a cache event nearby and the goal of geocachers worldwide to set a new record on 10-10-10, we had to go geocaching and contribute our effort!

Geocaching the old mini golf course!

Between the sailing and geocaching, we did manage to find a few lake shells and lake glass!  We met lots of new people from many states between the two events, spent some great time together as a family, explored new areas, had an all around great weekend!

Pretty good for lake shelling!

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The Grandest Treasure

I loved growing up with weekends and summers at a nearby lake.  Building sandcastles, trying to dig a hole to china, and finding small shell treasures was what I loved.  I had decided at a young age I wanted to live at the lake never considering the lack of jobs or frozen winters… 

As the years have passed, I realize it is not the lake I love so much.  It’s the waves, the sand, the wind in my hair, the relaxed mode of life, the splendor of being away from all the busy hectic scheduling.  I soon learned that the little black and white shells of my childhood were pale in comparison to the real treasures in my life.

Today, I share with you my grandest treasure-my best friend.  She reintroduced me to all I’d grown up and forgotten, the love of the way of life I always maintained I’d keep, the dreams I had, the goals washed away like sand over time, the beauty of everything around me, the joy of life!  She’s the organizational wizard to my chaotic mod podge mess, the cliff notes to the encyclopedia of me, the map I’d be lost without!

She introduced me and carried me away to the paradise of Sanibel (every thing I loved in childhood suitable for grown ups) to join her in shell searching.  We’ve searched the shores together for our junonia, but I don’t really want to be the one to find it.  I’d rather it be her to find the rare shell, because something tells me I’ve already found mine in her.

Words can’t do her justice and I could go on all night…  Anyways, I love my live junonia that walks the landlocked streets! 

May the sun and the sea always shine on my junonia!

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Why is Tuesday so popular?

I mean really, can’t someone pick another day?  The kids never have homework on Wednesdays or Fridays…  I had homework any darn day the teacher said so or if I didn’t finish my work when I was a kid.  Nowadays, Wednesday is homework free for churchgoers and Friday because it’s the weekend and many of them will be with their noncustodial parent (I’ve heard the reasons too many times to count from the kids so maybe it’s their theory rather than reality).  As the certifiable homework helper/checker I verify that the homework seems to be nonexistant on Wednesdays and Fridays.

So Tuesday is a homework day.  Then there is scout meetings, sports, clubs, fill in the blank meetings, appointments, and so on…  I spend the afternoon running amok carting kids here to there and back again, only to rush home to attempt to cram a sandwich down the mouth of a tired child doing homework (always so much more fun when they are supposed to read aloud). 

Either we’ve picked the wrong sports and activities or something.  I guess Tuesday is the kid’s Monday.  Or maybe it’s just the new Monday like purple is the new black.  There I said it Tuesday is the new Monday in my world!

Today’s find is suitable for the new Monday, or in my case,  a quick fix for a terrible Tuesday!  Someone bring me a shell tray with a plate of chocolate or cake!  Chocolate cake!  YUM!  Just thinking about it makes Tuesday worth having again!

Serving frantic Tuesday survivors everywhere!

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Makes me wonder…

I just renewed my drivers license…  Ugh they made me take off my sunglasses, which were functioning much like a headband.  If it had been a headband, would they have made me remove it?  So I sit in the little chair to have my photo taken and I’m thinking about sunglasses versus headband.  My brain has yet to process what facial expression I want stuck in plastic for the next 4 years.  Too late, photo taken.  The tag agency lady directs me back up to the counter and instructs me to place my right index finger on the box with red beaming light shining upwards.  I’m behind in my thought process.  Is this a test?  I find my right index finger, look at the box of red, and think hmm what does this do…  I mean is a hologram going to pop up and lecture me about seat belt safety?  That would be awesome!  Okay right index finger on the box, and voila nothing, no hologram, no technological wonder.  The tag lady says with annoyance “Now the left index finger”.  Oh I see.  It is a test and my right index finger failed so we must redo it with the left.  Again no result.  Where is the hologram or the flashing lights and bells and whistles or something?  I want something to happen here!  She asks me to remove my finger and places hers on the box, only hers is backwards.  So I must have done something wrong and she’s checking it.  No.  Suddenly I realize the purpose of this was for them to get my fingerprints.  My brain isn’t working right.  Why do I need to give my fingerprints?  Pondering the use of my fingerprints, the lady instructs me to read the next electronic box.  Oh goody maybe the original box read my fingerprints and the new box will tell me my future!  Um cool!  Nope, it asks me if I want to be an organ and tissue donor.  Hmm.  I don’t know.  What should I do?  Do I click yes or do I click no?  I don’t have time to think this over and I click yes.  I sign the box with the special stylus thing.  She then hands me a piece of paper I must read in front of her and check more boxes and sign the document to say that I received the paper and was given the option to register to vote even though I am registered.  I walk out of the tag agency wondering about organ and tissue donation as well as the fingerprinting.  It occurs to me that perhaps they should give people a piece of paper to explain what all is involved in tissue and organ donation rather than suprise you with it popping up on the screen.  I should have been more prepared to renew my drivers license!  Now I have a heart shape on it that denotes I’m and organ donor.  Can I put stipulations on my organs?  I mean they are mine.  I check and the answer, of course, is no.  Well, I guess it really doesn’t matter since the box took my fingerprints.  So yeah, I’m legal to drive for another four years!

Off I drove, still pondering.  The shell find of the day is a shell mirror, but the person who crafted it put the shells on the back of the mirror rather than framing the mirror in the front.  My mind immediately wonders why one would put the shells on the back of the mirror.  It was a cool mirror from the front, but the back made it look like someone put shells on a board.  Oh well, the shells are lovely!

Shells on the back of the mirror...

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Lazy Day

Nothing beats a day of laying around in your pajamas as a family!  Unless it’s a lazy beach day with your family…  I feel almost as renewed today as I do when I lounge on the lanai listening to the waves crash on the shore!  I tried to will myself to a lovely lanai on Sanibel Island so I could relax and try to decipher the message the ocean has for me today, but all the willing didn’t seem to do the trick.  Oh well, perhaps wishing rather than willing will do the trick and tomorrow’s another day.

I would wear a pair of these if they were real!!!

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A day of exploration…

Today we explored new lands through an expo/festival at a local college.  There were traditional dancers of varying nationalities, foods we’ve never heard of, music of many kinds, costumes of all colors, and activities galore.  On the way home from our cultural festivus, we found a blend of shells with a seahorse along for the ride.


We ponder whether this is a cultural mixture of shells or not...

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